Efficient Home Heating

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Depending on what part of the country you live in, heating your home in the winter could be your biggest energy expense. Efficient home heating will make your home more comfortable and result in home energy savings.

Upgrading an Existing Home

There are a number of ways to improve the heating efficiency of your current home. The best way is to keep cold air out of your house in the first place. Sealing air leaks is the most cost efficient way to increase home energy savings. Weather stripping and caulk will seal gaps around windows and doors, but outlets and recessed lighting fixtures can also be sources of air leaks.

The ductwork in your home could also be draining your heating dollars. A leaky air duct lowers home heating efficiency and is every bit as costly as a leaky water pipe. Inspecting and repairing ductwork is a great step toward efficient home heating.

Proper insulation is also necessary for efficient home heating. The US Department of Energy provides a map with minimum insulation requirements for all areas of the country. If you’re replacing or upgrading your heating and cooling systems, make sure they’re correctly sized. While the perils of a too small system are obvious, an oversized system will heat the house too quickly and will not run efficiently. Hire a contractor that knows and uses the latest technology to correctly size your system.

Planning For a New Home

If you’re considering building a new house, take advantage of the planning stages to create efficient home heating. Correctly orienting your house will allow you to benefit from passive solar heating. A south facing house with correctly sized eaves will gain extra warmth in the winter, but remain shaded during the summer. As with an existing home, correctly sizing your heating and cooling system will result in home energy savings. Make sure that you consider your climate, the size and complexity of the floor plan and your home’s orientation.

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